Special Orders

Exceptional individual projects on request. In ours company, we have skilled jewelery masters, an HRD certified gemstone and diamond appraiser. 

We import on individual orders gems from all over the world. Each project is discussed in detail. Customer receives drawing, 3D design right up to the final finished product. We also provide rhodium plating and gilding services. We undertake large orders and we accept individual orders from 100 grams. We carry out orders that arise in the minds of the largest marketing companies that create products for their clients related in whole or in part to jewelry. If you're looking for a brand that will also emphasize your image, you've come to the right place. We don't limit ourselves to creating, we also produce these orders in bulk quantities.

We invite you to our gallery and to a meeting.  

Unfinished, raw chains in Rolo weave.

Crown of gold - order for the church.

Gold rings with diamonds, natural tanzanites and emeralds.

Gold rings with diamonds, natural tanzanites and emeralds.