Ladies and Gentlemen, the entire production process, from the design to the finished product, takes place under one roof of the machine park. It is extremely important for our clients, because communication is instant, fast and effective.

Our experience in jewelery production includes:

  1. Production of gold and silver chains that we can make in any gold fineness of 8 ct, 9 ct, 14 ct and 18 ct. Importantly, we offer them in the option of buying raw by the meter or standard finished. Spots are diamond-coated or smooth ankier from 0.25, Rolo, Singapore, Armored, extension chain.
  2. Gold plating and rhodium plating.
  3. We also offer a base of gold semi-finished products, badge plates, fasteners and chain caps

Very large technological investments made by the company in the last 25 years allow our company as the only one in Central and Eastern Europe to compete with companies from Western Europe and the United States. The highest technology, the best quality bio-compatible materials, combined with the high professionalism of our employees and low production costs, have given us the leading position on the Polish market of body jewelry.

Materials used in our machine park:

Chaton STERLING SILVER® is a high-quality silver with a reduced surface reaction and bactericidal properties. Thanks to the efforts of our technical staff, it was possible to prepare an ideal silver alloy with a low degree of oxidation thanks to EVER SILVER agents without the need to use galvanic coatings, which may cause allergic reactions 0.000% nickel, 0.000% cadmium 100% hypoallergenic alloy.

The Chaton STERLING SILVER® silver alloy exceeds the parameters of the Polish standard for jewelry silver 925 by using a higher proportion of 999.99 pure silver in the alloy by 10 g / 1 kg of alloy, at the same time obtaining higher hardness than traditional 925 jewelry alloys. High smoothness and uniformity of the surface was obtained thanks to the use of polishing devices equipped with diamond polishing heads from a renowned German company.

Gold CHATON HAMILTON GOLD®, tests 333, 585 or 750, 100% hypoallergenic, doesn't contain nickel (0.000% Ni, 0.000% Cd) can be used in initiation piercings according to the EU directive. Light yellow color and a unique glow obtained thanks to the use of the highest purity components with an increased silver content in the alloy.

CHATON HAMILTON GOLD® gold jewelry does not have any harmful electroplating coatings, which are a poor cheap substitute for professional surface polishing, and often used by Chinese, English, Italian, Korean and Thai producers. CE 0483 quality certificate.

CHATON PLATINUM GOLD® white gold is a nickel-free alloy of gold, silver, copper and germanium palladium with very good antiallergic properties. It is the most expensive and the most exclusive material for making jewelery.
The white color and high gloss are similar to platinum surfaces.

TYTAN G4 is the best possible type of titanium for piercing and first piercing, there are three gradations of commercial titanium G1, G2, G3, distinguished mainly by the percentage of aluminum in the alloy and so G1 is not suitable for contact with human tissue due to the possibility of permanent skin staining. Only TYTAN G2 and it's variants used by some manufacturers from Western Europe and the Far East meet the European Union standards for contact with freshly pierced tissue of the human body.

Implant surgical steel with nickel content up to 0.3% for people sensitive to nickel DIN14456 with increased hardness 1400-1600 Mpa Noninium® certified CE 0483, meeting the requirements of the EU Nickel Directive.

TARFLEN® (PTFE) polytetrafluoroethylene equivalent to DuPont's Teflon®, PVC free.