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The story begins in 1872. Poland is not on the maps of Europe.

Establishment of the company: Simon Flaczyński
In Poland, under the partition and reign of Kaiser William I and Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, a 20-year-old merchant Simon Flaczyński (born 1852 - died 1935) appears in Poznań. The founder of the company was characterized by an exceptional passion for beautiful objects, offering jewelery, watches and sacred items to a tasteful aristocratic clientele.
Simon Flaczyński had four children, of whom two sons Leo (1886-1942) and Witalis continued their work, obtaining in Grodzisk master titles in goldsmithing and watchmaking.

Company registration in Poznań In 1911, the brothers register the company in Poznań. They open stores in Poznań, Berlin, Świecie, Mława and Warsaw. They produce pocket watches with Swiss movements in silver and gold cases of their own production.

In 1929, Witalis Flaczyński obtains a patent in Warsaw for a hairdressing and cosmetic device.

Chaton Flaczyński

World War II and the times after it
During World War II, the company was almost completely destroyed. Both brothers were murdered by the Germans. The company was reborn in 1945, led by Kazimierz Flaczyński, his son Leo, who was forced by the communists to run only a watchmaker's shop.

The activity of Adam and Barbara Flaczyński. In 1970, the company was taken over by Adam Lech Flaczyński and Barbara Flaczyńska, masters of goldsmithing and watchmaking. 1972 One hundred years after the company was founded by Simon Flaczyński, his great-grandson Adam Lech Flaczyński and his wife Barbara Flaczyńska register at the Poznań Assay Office the manufacturer's personal graphic sign ABF. 1976 Adam and Barbara Flaczyński develop an innovative method of vacuum casting gold and silver. In 1989, they registered the original name of the company CHATON (from the French for "cans"), a temin used by Simon Flaczyński and his sons to denote the setting of rubies in watch movements. In jewelry, it is a special setting of diamonds designed to optically enlarge the diamond and enhance the brilliance of the stone


In 1990, the Chaton company begins the production of gold and silver chains, becoming at the same time one of the first Polish companies capable of producing diamond chains in 40 basic models and 20 modifications.

XXI century

1994, the name CHATON is officially protected by a patent in spelling, wording and logo. 2004 Chaton obtains a patent for a chain for a mobile phone. 2010 Chaton obtains the quality mark of the Association of Jewelery Appraisers in Warsaw.